10 September 2008

Remaining programme

Seminar 4: University of London, Institute of Education (Autumn term 2009)
Implications for governance, examination and for research schools - Andrew Brown (IOE)
The role of EthOS in the curation of digital theses – Anthony Troman (British Library)
A drama perspective – Anton Franks (IOE)
Work in progress by research students 4

Seminar 5: Middlesex University (Spring term 2010)
Evaluative techniques in arts-based research – Dr Magnus Moar (Middlesex)
An electronic arts perspective – Stephen Boyd Davis (Middlesex)
New directions and new formats for the PhD – Stephen Boyd Davis and Magnus Moar (Middlesex)
Work in progress by research students 5

Seminar 6: The British Library, St Pancras (Summer term 2010)
What has been achieved during the seminar series? – Richard Andrews, Stephen Boyd Davis, Jude England
Completion of the guidelines for new formats for the PhD in Education and the social sciences – Andrew Brown (IOE)
Repositories for digital/multimodal theses: the issue of curation and accessibility/availability (Barry Knight, British Library, plus librarians from the three participating institutions)
How the initiative fits into Gateway, the proposed National Digital Centre for HE (Joanna Newman, BL)
Areas for further work/research; the editing and production of a book devoted to the issue; continuation of the website

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